Serrapeptase scar tissue review

Serrapeptase is an extracellular metalloprotease enzyme isolated from enterobacterium Serratia marcescens Serratia sp. The microorganism Serratia marcescens Serratia sp. Serrapeptase is presented in the silk worm intestine and allows the emerging moth to dissolve its cocoon. It is produced by purification mainly from fermentation of Serratia marcescens or Serratia sp.

Serrapeptase should be enterically coated or else it may get destroyed by acid in the stomach before it gets into small intestine 5. Serrapeptase enzyme is believed to induce degradation of insoluble protein products like fibrin and inflammatory mediators.

It reduces the viscosity of exudates facilitating drainage and alleviates pain by inhibiting the release of bradykinin 6.

Serrapeptase has been used in Europe and Asia for over 30 years, but is relatively new in the United States and Canada 7.

Serrapeptase has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Clinical studies have shown that Serrapeptase is effective in reducing swelling and edema and metabolizing scar tissues in the body 8 and particularly useful for post-traumatic swelling, breast engorgement during lactation 9 and bronchitis Serrapeptase can digest dead tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaques The anti-inflammatory properties of serrapeptase was first studied in Japan in Later during the s these parenteral enzyme formulations were replaced by their enteric coated successors.

During the s and s it was proposed by separate research conducted in Europe and Japan that serrapeptase is the most effective agent in reducing inflammation among all enzyme preparations. Serrapeptase is used either alone or in combination with other drugs to treat inflammation. It is proved to be a superior alternative to traditional NSAIDS like diclofenac sodium and ketoprofen which have pronounced side effects. Serrapeptase mechanism of anti-inflammatory effect is because of hydrolysis of histamine, bradykinin, and serotonin Serrapeptase also has a proteolytic and fibrinolytic effect.

This is achieved by dissolving the complement specific proteins responsible for inflammation and increasing the plasmin activity by inhibiting the plasmin inactivators This anti-inflammatory activity of serrapeptase can be evaluated by Rat Paw Edema model, wherein edema is induced by Aerosil and the decrease in the thickness of the inflamed rat paw is measured using plethysmometer Serrapeptase contains amino acids cleaved with the peptide bond having molecular weight of approximately 60 kDa.

Serrapeptase is labile to heat, moisture, and pH of the environment. The enzyme has maximal activity at pH 9. Serrapeptase shows excellent stability at lower temperatures in the pH range from 5 to Serrapeptase was found to produce some relief in breast pain, induration and swelling, when compared to placebo in women with breast engorgement during lactation, with a fewer number of women experiencing slight to no improvement in overall breast engorgement, swelling and breast pain However, the overall quality of the studies was found to be low due to limitations in study design and the small number of women in the included studies, thus there is insufficient evidence from published trials on Serrapeptase to justify widespread implementation as treatment for breast engorgement during lactation.

More robust research is urgently needed on the treatment of breast engorgement during lactation.

Serrapeptase review

Esch et al. There was a significant reduction in the pain intensity and extent of cheek swelling in the serrapeptase group at the 2nd, 3rd and 7th post-operative days. Another study by Chappi et al. However, this enzyme preparation did not exert an appreciable analgesic effect post-operatively Murugesan et al. Serrapeptase is a potent anti-inflammatory enzyme. Supplementing serrapeptase with NSAIDs has shown to have a favorable anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues of the body For reducing swelling of the inside of the cheek after sinus surgery: mg of serrapeptase 3 times on the day before surgery, once in the evening after surgery, and then 3 times daily for 5 days following surgery.

Serrapeptase reviews

Serrapeptase seems to be safe for adults when taken by mouth, short-term up to 4 weeks. The long-term safety of serrapeptase is not known.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of serrapeptase during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.Does Serrapetase dissolve scar tissue? I ask the question because it seems doctors are inconsistant in answering the question which leads me to believe either some are well wishers or some are not reading research. Knowing that a persons life hangs in the balance and trust in the answer it is more important to pose the question another way.

I prefer the question: Is scar tissue ever healed, ever healed in the area I have it, was it at reasonable cost, what healed it and were there any risks? Being a potential life safer I have no interest in what people or doctors think only what studies show.

Has a study ever shown scar tissue being dissolved by serrapeptase and what repaired it? Research: patient study showing serratiopeptidase groups repaired tissue at a significant higher rate than the non enzyme group.

Combination therapy including serratiopeptidase improves outcomes of mechanical-antibiotic treatment of periimplantitis. Logic: Being a natural not chemical process, knowing nature likes to work slow but diliberate I would aspect varies results because we tend to approach research from a chemical drug perspective.

We want to see the same result on the same dosage on short periods of time. The way drug commandeer the bodies system is easier to calculate on given the various unknown factors while natural processes are far more gentle on the body by nature. An example would be a chemical cleaner verse a natural enzyme one. The chemical may kill bacteria right away on contact while the natural enzyme will slowly eat the bacteria over a period of time based on many other factors that control its appetite and ability to digest.

The chemical cleaner is very easy to study while the natural one relies on factors we rarley understand let alone have consistent study to study. Can enzymes like serrapeptase live through the stomach acid to benefit the body? As well you will see those who say some or all do… The following research proves them both right to a degrees and why.

Rats given oral enzymes. From there it makes it into the blood stream with the evidence being the 2 above studies and reference 1 and 2. Being a natural product, larger dosages can be taken as it is said there are no side effects other than diarhea. Based on the studies that this enzyme will breakdown the scar tissue if a sufficient amount can arrive at the target scar tissue site. Anti-inflammatory effect of the serratiopeptidase—rationale or fashionable: a study in rat paw oedema model induced by the carrageenan.

A ridiculous study done to see if serrapeptase worked after 30 minutes on a rats paw. This is why it is very important to read the studies. The intent of the study was said to question the enzymes because there have been no clinical trials.Serrapeptase, a nutritional supplement, is an enzyme derived from silkworms.

This enzyme breaks down non-living tissue, making it useful for a wide variety of conditions. It is commonly recommended to remove plaque from arteries, dissolve scar tissue, decrease inflammation, dissolve blood clots, help varicose veins and heal cysts. Others have used it for lung disease, asthma and sinus problems, including polyps. It is also suggested for blocked fallopian tubes and varicose veins.

Serrapeptase can be bought in health food stores and online. It is recommended to take one or two capsules one to three times a day on an empty stomach, with a glass of water. Amounts in one capsule vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some have as little as 40, Serratiopeptidase units per capsule. Others have as much as ,! When beginning a new supplement it is always best to start with the lowest dose and increase slowly to avoid side effects or detox reactions. Reported side effects of serrapeptase include an increase in pain or worsening of symptoms.

Side effects do seem to be rare for this supplement. For example, if you have had surgery for a hernia repair, the long term repair is dependent upon the scar tissue produced and attached to the mesh. Serrapeptase dissolves scar tissue, and this would be counterproductive for a hernia repair patient.

Some cosmetic surgeries and procedures may also be compromised by serrapeptase use, including fat injections and face lifts. If a surgical procedure is supported by any non-living tissue, serrapeptase should not be used.

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Earth Clinic readers have reported wonderful results when using serrapeptase as a natural remedy. Amy from Michigan also had excellent results also. It literally is amazing. When you are in pain, you will search for instant relief and this was it for me. If you use serrapeptase, be sure to share your story with us!

By clicking "Post Comment" you agree to the terms of the Earth Clinic LLC service agreement and the privacy policy statement, and that you are 13 or older. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of follow-up comments to my post via e-mail. Heads up. There is talk of a lawsuit. I am a little scared now, I was doing great and used 45 pills so far.

Is it russian roulette. Now I feel a need to warn people incase their is a bad supplier, mine is Doctors Best and one commentor said the company was sold but I don't know?

Don't have good vibes abut that. I noticed about two months ago, when I went to buy more serrapeptase on Amazon, that there's an increase in negative reviews about Doctors Best Serrapeptase brand increasing from April, on. I am not convinced they are genuine reviews; a few too many about being violently ill and at least one suggesting you contact them to start a class action suit.

All sorts of issues on Amazon coming to the surface. Not just fake reviews, which is an old problem, but more fake supplement brands being sold by third parties. Here's a link to the 1 star reviews for Dr's Best Serrapeptase in case anyone is interested.

I've been using Doctor's Best Serrapeptase for quite and some time and have had no complaints.

Enerex Serrapeptase News Canada Feature

I agree on the fake third party brands that are being sold. I bought a two pack of eye drops that I wanted to use for a recent experiment.Enzymes are substances naturally present in all living organisms. They trigger or speed up thousands of chemical reactions in the body.

For example, respiration, digestion, immune function, metabolism and growth. They work at the cell, tissue and organ level. Serrapeptase and Nattokinase are powerful enzymes which are used as systemic enzyme supplements. Systemic enzyme therapy has been used safely for more than 50 years by natural and alternative practitioners as a natural and effective way to support healthy levels of inflammationhelp against infection, help in recovery after surgery and remove excess fibrin build-up in your organs and blood.

Research shows serrapeptase possesses significant anti-inflammatoryproteolytic protein dissolving and fibrinolytic fibrin dissolving properties. It reduces scar tissue, improves tissue healing and supports a healthy respiratory system. Nattokinase has powerful anti-inflammatory and fibrin-degrading activity.

It prevents and dissolves blood clotspromotes healthy circulation, and supports normal blo od pressure. It also helps maintain healthy C-reactive protein levels CRP. CRP is an inflammation marker and a serious risk factor for heart disease. While the fibrinolytic activity of these systemic enzymes can help with scar tissue build-up and inflammation reduction, they cannot be considered cures for the disease.

serrapeptase scar tissue review

Mechanisms which cause uncontrolled scarring may remain in place despite the use of systemic enzymes. However, while conventional medicine has yet to find a solution to address pulmonary fibrosis PFsystemic enzyme therapy provides hope.

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We have a lot of anecdotal evidence showing the benefits of systemic enzyme supplements on symptoms associated with PF. People who take systemic enzyme supplements regularly, have noticed improvements — they say they cough less and are able to do more without feeling breathless.

serrapeptase scar tissue review

However, there is a lack of evidence from well-designed controlled studies showing the role of enzyme supplements in health promotion and PF treatment. At Pulmonary Fibrosis Now! We would like to invite people diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis to participate in this important research that may help you or other people suffering from PF. Had serrapeptase years back. I will like to give it another trial.

Hello Victoria, I have messaged you details of our research study and some forms you need to complete. Please review and complete the forms so we can determine if you are eligible to participate in this study. Thank you very much.Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme, which means it is a catalyst that helps speed up the breakdown of fibrin proteins, which are responsible for excessive inflammation, redness and pain.

It has several other scientific names — serratiopeptidase, serralysin and serratia peptidase, to name a few and is referred to as having caseinolytic actions, analgesic and antiedemic characteristics. Throughout the web of serrapeptase facts, the word fibrin appears on almost every page. But what is it? Fibrin is formed in a chemical process, hardening blood clotting material around the trauma, as a kind of protective shield. Often, excess reactions cause a build up which prevents normal blood flow.

You need only look at the thousands of real people reviews on the Amazon marketplace, across the many brands that supply this enzyme supplement, to realize it has enormous healing power. Many hundreds, if not, thousands of people proclaim serrapeptase is the real deal for relieving inflammation and pain. The serralysin enzyme is systemic in nature, which means it works for the whole body, and is not confined only to food digestion, as you might expect, being an enzyme.

Inflammation in the body is a normal biological action. After an injury, inflammation is summonsed to the cells of the trauma site, to expel damage. But, excess inflammation causes chronic pain, and in the arteries leading to and from the heart, which can be dangerous, often life threatening. Serrapeptase has the ability to halt excess inflammatory processes in the body.

It is not like other biological enzymes, because it only dissolves dead tissue. To make enough serralysin supplements for mass production, it would mean killing millions of silkworms to get to the catalytic agent. Unethical, perhaps? In double blind studies, scientists fed the culture they produced with proteins, resulting in a fine, white powder that contained the healing enzymes.

Scar tissue in the human body responds to this reactionary process very well. This is one of the reasons cancer patients respond so well to serrapeptase therapy. Hans Nieper, who passed away indiscovered that the silkworm enzyme could be used to treat blocked arteries and arterial plaque. His discoveries furthered the power of the enzyme, publicizing that it could shrink varicose veins and dissolve blot clots.

I can attest to this, because this is the main reason I use it, as well as the nattokinase serine protease. Anywhere there is inflammation in the body, proteolytic enzymes can be used for the clean up operation. In a neurological disorder, such as multiple sclerosis, nerve sheaths myelin are destroyed creating plaque, hard scar tissue of the nerves called sclerosis. Some doctors who practise lifestyle, health and nutrition, are now turning to enzyme therapy, instead of drugs and surgery.

Whilst serrapeptase should not be the only natural solution, it is highly regarded as supporting the immune system. Cardiovascular health can be greatly improved by taking serrapeptasebecause it will clear protein fibrin and dead tissue which hinder blood flow in the arteries atherosclerosis. The silkworm gut enzyme can be used with great effect, to treat breast engorgement, mastitis and also, capsular contracture post breast implants.

Use of this protease, post surgery 48 hours can help the healing process, reducing swelling, aches and pain. We have an article on how serratiopeptase can help improve the digestive systemby reducing the strain on the gastrointestinal system. There is one bacterium that is habitually culpable for bone and joint infections. Staphylococcus aureus, or S.

If you take it when your stomach is full, the enzymes will simply digest the proteins in your food. Otherwise, it will harmlessly flow through your blood system to where there is excessive build up of fibrin proteins associated with inflammation.

Some people report an improvement within 48 hours, some within a day of taking a higher dosage of serratiopeptidase. However, most people have reviewed that they see positive results within ten days. We would concur with this timeline, as I have personally experienced serrapeptase working for me, after fourteen days.More articles about Serrapeptase "The Miracle Enzyme" at the bottom of this page.

Serrapeptase is a pro-teolytic enzyme which is naturally present in the silk-worm intestine and is processed commercially today through fermentation. Studies reveal powerful anti-inflammatory effects of this naturally occurring enzyme.

Inflammation has been found to be associated with just about every health condition. It makes sense then to deal with inflammation quickly and effectively wherever possible. This is where Serrapeptase comes in and why it is often referred to as "The miracle Enzyme". Pain is simply a signal that something is wrong and so simply using pain killers to reduce the symptoms will not get rid of the problem.

Indeed, many pain killers can have unfortunate side-effects anyway. What is needed is to get rid of the inflammation altogether. This is where Serrapeptase comes in. Serrapeptase actually digests dissolves non-living tissue, blood clots, cysts, and arterial plaque and inflammation in all forms.

serrapeptase scar tissue review

Just imagine how helpful for your health that can be. Serrapeptase converts the residue to basic amino acids and is usefully recycled into the body. Any other residue is excreted in the usual manner. But one way or another, it is gone. This is where many remedies and medicine falls down. They often inter-react with eachother. No side effects have been found in over 25 years of studies and usage of Serrapeptase.

Many people take very high doses to speed-up the relief e. Although Serrapeptase simply digests dead and inflamed tissue these two problems are the cause of the majority of symptoms in the body.

The wide range of conditions that respond to Serrapeptase include as shown above :. A nutritional enzyme for its known positive reactions when in pure quality and high strength as part of your pet's everyday nutrition.

Serrapeptase dissolves non-living tissue including arterial plaque and as a result it is believed to help for atherosclerosis and to maintain supple joints. Serrapeptase is a potent proteolyticenzyme, which can be used to support inflammation, digestion and cardiovascular disease.

It is worth a try for practically anything. If you have great discomfort it is worth taking a high dose for one week which should give great relief.

Yes it has proven to be very effective on all animals. Many veterinarians are now prescribing it as well as arthritic pet owners sharing their own bottle with their arthritic clog to great effect.

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It will still work on surface scarring just as it will on diabetic ulcers and the similar problems. By continually digesting the scar tissue, healthy tissue will eventually replace the old scar.Serrapeptase and scar tissue - Could this enzyme be the answer? It is a proteolytic protein enzyme that is used to treat inflammation, pain, cancer, circulation disorders, lung problems and to support the immune system. For more info, see full review Health Benefits of Serrapeptase.

Clinical studies show that it is effective for treating dental pains.

serrapeptase scar tissue review

Indeed, most of the published clinical studies focused on using serrapeptase for pain control. Unfortunately, there are no clinical studies to show that serrapeptase could remove scar tissues on the surface of the skin. Based on how serrapeptase works, experts believe that it could dissolve dead scar tissues, allowing living tissues to take its place.

It is an excellent idea to track the progress of the improvement seen with using serrapeptase for removing scar tissues. Use a digital camera to take close-up pictures of the areas with the scar tissue before taking serrapeptase supplements. Then take additional images every month so that you can compare the results. It can be difficult to see gradual changes. Moreover, you can show the images to a third-party and ask him or her to compare the before and after results.

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This is like doing a clinical study, but just on yourself! If the third-party cannot tell the difference between the before and after image even after many months of taking serrapeptase, then it did not work for you.

It is unknown that serrapeptase would remove scar tissues on the skin. You could try it for several months to see if it reduces the appearance of scars. Most recently, Revitol Scar Cream received extensive attention as the premiere scar scream for getting rid of the unsightly appearance of ugly acne scars. It is a professionally formulated scar cream that has received high praises from those who are using it. Related to Serrapeptase and Scar Tissue.

Return to Does It Work. Use the search box below to quickly find what you are looking for! Home What's New! Does It Work? References for Serrapeptase and Scar Tissue Revised: Serrapeptase is extensively used in European and Asian countries for several decades. Anecdotal reports suggest that serrapeptase could be effectively used to remove scar tissues.

Clinical study on yourself It is an excellent idea to track the progress of the improvement seen with using serrapeptase for removing scar tissues. Bottom line Thinking of using serrapeptase for scars?

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